Carlos Mario New Team Rider of Slingshot

Do you remember Carlos Mario? He is the Brazilian guy who had his first PKRA competition last year in Argentina and he won it surprising all the riders with his outstanding skills. His success in Mendoza was loud enough to find sponsors so from this year on he became the team rider of Slingshot.

Many say that the level of riding in northern Brazil is amazing and it would change the world tour if more Brazilian guys could be sponsored. I am pretty curious now how Carlos Mario will perform this year. Looking at the first stop of PKRA he did not start very strong as he could not get in the main event. Dakhla is coming up from 18th March so hopefully we will have a chance to see him among the top riders.

Slingshot emphasizes in this video that seeking new talents was always part of their philosophy. Finding Carlos is now compared to the success of finding Youri Zoon or Ruben Lenten. Big words but let’s see: “The Story Begins…”